Saturday, April 4, 2015

Pros and Cons of the LAW OF ATTRACTION

There is a lot of talk about the Law of Attraction.  I have studied this topic for years, been a member of weekly discussion groups on the topic, met Esther and Jerry Hicks at a seminar, and gained wonderful benefits from the philosophy overall.  Over the years I have manifested a nice new car, a computer, etc.  But I have also seen some terrible pitfalls in these teachings.

Benefits of Law of Attraction

-The singular most positive benefit that I have derived from the Law of Attraction is the mental discipline that it teaches about holding EXCLUSIVELY positive thoughts.  There are many encouraging lectures on Youtube, as well as books and exercises that help to re-train the brain to positive thought.

-The second extraordinary change in thinking that it teaches is to have of positive expectation from God/Universe/Life.  To believe that what we wish for is possible is a stretch for some people, but that hope is life changing.

-Thirdly, the Law of Attraction encourages the increasing of gratitude within oneself.  This makes one a lot happier in general, and a more pleasant person to be around.  So it has the added benefit of joy and enhancing social interaction.

Pitfalls of the Law of Attraction

-Unfortunately these teachings can open people up to be influenced by their desires, or controlling entities like jinns.  In eastern philosophy, the jinn is a being, like the one Aladdin found in a lamp in the Arabian Nights, who is here to help accomplish a human's wildest wishes.  However, these beings can be tricky and actually trap humans in loops of desire.

-Apart from being controlled by such entities, the idea of becoming fixated on your desires is also not good. While the teachings do not encourage this, practitioners who view simplified films like The Secret often fall into a materialistic haze around their intentions and miss the goal which is to connect to the Creative Source of the Universe inside oneself.  That is where the most effective and satisfying manifestation originates.

-Some also argue that holding an exclusively positive perspective is being unrealistic.  One has to be balanced and face negativity to be able to act effectively to change it. 

So these are my thoughts on the Law of Attraction.  Use it with wisdom and discernment, and it can be a great benefit to your life!

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